Fresh Pudina Mint Available in the USA?

Fresh Pudina Mint Available in the USA?

Mint generally used for Indian cuisine is called Pudina Mint. It is an important ingredient in many recipes such as yogurt mint chutney or pudina raita, mint and lime yogurt chicken, yogurt and mint marinated chicken thighs, yogurt mint chutney (Punjabi pudina chutney), and many other recipes. 

Indians also marinate meat in yogurt. The yogurt marinade is a classic Indian marinade. The yogurt's acidity helps to tenderize the meat.


Fresh pudina Indian mint is not available in the USA. It is very rare. However, with the recent availability of nana mint (Lebanese Nana Mint), many have started using this mint for Indian cuisine. It is mild yet very aromatic and can be used as an excellent substitute for Pudina mint.

Live nana mint plants can be purchased from and shipped directly to your home. A small plant thrives and expands to fill large pots. If grown in the ground, it is a perennial and comes back the next year. However, it spreads by throwing rhizomes, therefore it is advisable to plant it in a contained area of your garden. If planted in a pot, be sure to protect it from extreme cold temperatures in winter and it will come back strong and healthy the next year. 

Nana mint

An excellent choice for Indian pudina mint

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