How to control spearmint in the garden

How to control spearmint in the garden

Spearmint, especially the na'na variety (nana or na3na3) is aromatic and a wonderful ingredient in tabouleh and other fresh salads. It is also very refreshing as mint tea, iced or hot. 

When planted in the ground, mint will easily spread. It throws rhizomes in every direction. Mint will easily multiply in size, so it is best to plant it in a controlled space. Options are to plant it in a pot, in a space of its own, or in a pot in the ground. See the photo. 

The pot in the photo is 12 inches deep. In one, I drilled several extra drainage holes in the bottom. In another pot, I cut the bottom completely off the pot. Both ways work. Next, I dug a hole in the ground to accommodate the pot, leaving the top edge a few inches above the ground to create a barrier wall and prevent spreading.

Next, add enough dirt in the pot to make it even with the garden level. Plant the mint. The pot will prevent the mint from spreading into the garden.

Being planted in the ground allows the mint to survive harsh winters and come back in the spring.

Buy a live nana mint plant from and enjoy the sweet, aromatic, and smooth taste of real nana mint.

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