Lebanese Nana Mint vs. Regular Spearmint

Lebanese Nana Mint vs. Regular Spearmint

We frequently see Lebanese recipes that require mint, or nana, also spelled na'na, naanaa, or na3na3. For expediency, the recipes state that nana is spearmint. Not true. 

Spearmint is usually potent with a strong aroma and bitter taste, making it too pungent for salads, tabouleh, or as a garnish for labneh and hummus bi tahini.  

Nana is milder than spearmint and can be easily eaten raw. It is the perfect mint for tabouleh, salads, mint tea, and all Lebanese recipes.

The problem, though, has been that fresh Lebanese nana is very rare in the USA, even impossible to find. Most people have started using regular spearmint and have gradually altered the taste of authentic Lebanese dishes. 

The wait is over. You can now have fresh Lebanese mint by visiting www.LebaneseMint.com where you can order a live mint plant and have all the fresh mint that your heart desires.

The roots of the plants are from Lebanon, from the family grove ('jall' جَلّ in Lebanese). The town overlooks the Mediterranean, where the mint has been growing for almost a century at the family home. It was grown organically, of course! 

To continue that tradition, Mount Lebanon Heirloom Herbs (TM) at LebanseMint.com grows the nana mint in the USA using premium organic soil and water. Yes, Water only. No pesticides, no insecticides, no rooting agents, no fertilizers to speed the process. They are grown like grandpa and grandma (jiddo & sitto) always grew them in the old county in Lebanon.

LebaneseMint.com is owned by Mount Lebanon Heirloom Herbs LLC.

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